Battle of The Year: Instagram vs Snapchat

Nowadays there are so many different social media pages. Some are all in one social media sites where you can do all the social media tropes. Some are specified for photo sharing. Some are made for connecting with other people. And some are creating for getting the fanbase. There is still a huge market for the social media pages and apps. In last few years we have seen the rise of the social media sites that are focused on the picture sharing. And two biggest social media apps for sharing pictures are Instagram and Snapchat. Bought of them are great, they offer some unique features. But in last year or so, they become very similar, almost the same. Now is the question, which app is better? Which app is more user-friendly, and which one will persevere through the years. This is a definitely battle of social media titans, But which one is the best? Well, let’s find out.

Let`s talk about the Instagram

Instagram has started as a site where you upload your pictures. It was a pretty much simple version of the Facebook where you only upload pictures, follow people and they follow you. There was some small emphasis on communication, but it was mostly done right comments on the pictures. Instagram was perfect social media app for the people who only wanted to share their pictures with other people, and for people who wanted to create their own fanbase. Instagram was, and still is the best app for becoming famous, except youtube, there is no better way to create your own to create your own fanbase. But after Facebook has acquired Instagram, the app itself has become even better. They added much more different features that made Instagram even more appealing to the people. They added stories. This way you can record short videos on which you can put texts. This was a great addition that made Instagram more than a just app for sharing and uploading the pictures. And the best thing is that Instagram is very user-friendly. Every single person can use it with ease. So it is no surprising that install base is only growing and growing.


Let`s talk about the Snapchat

Snapchat has started its life very differently than Instagram. The point of the app was that you could send pictures one to another and every picture would disappear after few second. Same goes with messages. On Snapchat there was no way to screenshot conversations or pictures that you got because it would inform the person with whom you have talked that you have screenshots the pictures. The idea of Snapchat was more as an intimate app where couples could exchange pictures and messages. Also for the people who wanted to talk about some things and they didn`t want that any part of their conversation comes out to the public. Snapchat was a perfect private app which had no emphasis on social media aspect. But as times change so does the fundamental ideas of the apps. Snapchat with time had become more and more just like a social media app. They firstly allowed the people to follow one another.Which is very similar to the Instagram. Then they have allowed the option to post short videos „stories“ on the site. And that was the point when Snapchat has become even more popular. That was the time that even celebrities started to use the app. It had become a full blown social media app. And that attracted, even more, people to register and use Snapchat. Snapchat wasn’t anymore only about instant private messages and pictures, it became about socialization and connection to the other people and celebrities.


Clash of internet titans

Snapchat and Instagram had become so similar that they are now biggest competitors in the sphere of social media apps. Each one has some unique features, but in some points, they differ quite a lot. Instagram copied „story“ feature from the Snapchat, which definitely isn`t something that you didn`t know. On the other hand, Snapchat has copied pretty much all the social aspect from Instagram and Facebook. But which app is better? Which app offers you more?  Which app is best for you?

For what kind of people are Snapchat and Instagram?

So, for which type of people are Snapchat and Instagram? First, Instagram is for people who want to create their own fanbase, or for people who need the simple place where they can share their pictures. It is also a great place to connect with other people and to share pictures with one another. Instagram is also a platform which is great for business oriented people. We can see many examples of people who are making the money just by posting pictures on Instagram with a product that they are advertising.

On the other hand, Snapchat is still little bit more private place. Sure, they have added many functions that had made it more like social media app. But the reason why people stayed on the Snapchat is because they love those vanilla features with wich Snapchat had launched. Many people need privacy, and the best app on which they can get that amount of privacy is Snapchat. And Snapchat should never remove those features. Because those features make it so special, those features make people go back to the app and that is why more and more people are using Snapchat.

So, in the end, which app is better?

Is Instagram better than Snapchat or vice versa? The simple answer to this question is that each app is better in the function for which it was intended to. Instagram is a better platform for sharing pictures, for connecting with the people and for potential business offers. On the other hand, Snapchat is a better platform for people who need an app that will offer them some privacy while sharing the pictures or chatting. Each app is great in the things that it should do. There is no clear winner. Only clear determination for the feature that they offer for their customers.



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