2017 Social Media Trends

Every year we get many social media trends. As long as the social media pages do exist, every year we get some new trend. Some of those trends are good, even helpful to the people in need. Like,  for example, ALS challenge. But some trends are stupid, we really mean stupid. But while there are social media sites, then we will have trends that are started by them. Don`t get us wrong, some of those trends are really great and educational. Some can really change the world. That is a power of the internet and social media sites. In this article, we will talk about biggest potential social media trends that could happen this year. So let`s star.

  1. Social Media messaging

In the recent years, people are using more social media messaging apps than the social media sites itself. Most people only see the use of the social media sites as a short time spending part of their day. While messaging apps of all of those social media sites are much more in use. Many people only use them as the way to communicate with other people. Which is not strange considering that they are really easy to use and too many other people are also using them. All in all, this is definitely one of the biggest trends of 2017.

2.Fight against fake news

In the last few years pretty much every social media app was full of fake news. Especially Facebook. Almost 50% of all the news that you could read on the social media site were fake. This created a big misinformation amounts that people who use the social media sites. And the biggest problem was that those people who were making those fake news were getting paid because the ads that were showing on their sites. But, finally in 2017 Facebook and all the other social media apps had an announced war to all the fake news sites and groups that are on their websites. This is the trend that will last until we finally get rid of all of the fake news. And the biggest problem is that fake news can be really damaging to the people who are reading them, especially if they don`t check the sources of the news. Not its a time to finally stop to the end of the fake news and fake news media.

3.Authentic content

With the big problem of the fake news and media, the world is in a need to create authentic content. At the best place where you can find the authentic content is youtube. Youtube is the best platform for finding the authentic content that is just perfect for you. And the best thing is that almost all o

Youtube content creators can create pretty much any kind of the content that they want.That is why

so many people are loyal to youtube and why so many people are coming more and more to the

Youtube platform. You will find pretty much any kind of content that is perfect for you. And with time there will be even more content that is specific to each person. And with time it will become even more trendy, that is for sure.


4.Social Justice warriors


This is a trend that is definitely something that should disappear. Their reason is because there are so many people who are offended about pretty much everything. There is nothing that you could say that they would not find offensive. They are one probably the most toxic part of the internet itself. We can only hope that this trend will become extinct in near future.


5.Bad marketing campaigns


In last few years we have seen some really bad marketing campaigns on the internet.  Especially the newest Pepsi commercial. This commercial is probably one of the worst commercials that had ever been created in the recent history. This commercial has done impossible. It connected all the people around the world in hate towards this commercial. And rightfully so. This obnoxious trend needs to stop. There are so many bad marketing campaigns and commercials that world can handle. And we really hope that they will go extinct until the end of 2017.